Category: Optical Products

U.O.S's optical products and systems, designed for military, law enforcement and sports applications are used for short and long-range observation, surveillance, identification and target acquisition.

U.O.S's optical product line is diversified and includes the following major categories:

U.O.S's optical products and systems are well-known for their ergonomic design, precision, accuracy, durability, reliability and their operation under harsh environmental conditions: Protection against water, rain, rust and moisture.

All optical elements are coated for durability, to maximize light transmission and to minimize light reflection.

To protect viewers from any injury caused by laser beams, U.O.S's optical equipment & systems can be provided with laser protection filters.

U.O.S's optical equipment & systems are manufactured in two different requirements standards:



Optical Sights
Long Range Binoculars
Torch Lights
Optical Components

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