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Uni-Scope Optical Systems, Ltd. (U.O.S.) periscopes are installed worldwide on various main battle tanks (MBT's), armored personnel carriers (APC's), armored vehicles, combat engineering vehicles, recovery vehicles, mobile guns and howitzers.

U.O.S's products main purpose is to enable and facilitate the observation of the external environment without exposing occupants of the vehices.

Combat and field proven, U.O.S. periscopes are designed to withstand the harshest environmental and combat conditions. They fully meet or exceed the standards of ISO 9001-2000, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) standards, and the US MIL-P-46329 and MIL-PRF-62420.

U.O.S products can be modified, adapted and produced according to customer's specific contract requirements. Numerous worldewide satified customers are the best proof of the company competance and reliability.

U.O.S periscopes are well-known for their durability and reliability and provide enhanced ballistic protection.

Acrylic periscopes, vision blocks, ballistic windows manufactured by U.O.S are designed for improved UV resistance and temperature stability.

To protect vehicles' crew from injury caused by laser beams, U.O.S can be equiped with appropriate laser protection filters. Laser protection filters are available for a wide range of wavelenghts and protection levels.

U.O.S periscopes are strictly manufactured and qualified in accordance with military specifications or per customer's special requirements. Observation of these standars is continualy monitored by the IDF Quality Testing & Inspection Team at the U.O.S manufacturing premises.

U.O.S uses advanced molding technologies with proprietary bonding processes to increase resistance to clouding (by eliminating the negative effects of UV radiation on the properties of the acrylic optical media) and to ensure the durability and reliability of each periscope. Over time, the wiew through U.O.S periscopes remains perfectly clear.

Extensive R&D efforts are continuously invested by U.O.S, in process, technology and product development, to improve reliability, durability and production cost.

Amongst the development: A new proprietary autoclaving process for acrylic and glass precision lamination process.


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