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Light Handheld Periscopes

military hand held periscopeUni-Scope's Optical System Ltd (U.O.S) Light Handheld Periscope

LHP2000 is specially designed for observation surveillance and reconnaissance from hidden stations and over the corner viewing.

Rapidly deployed from its folded position, the LHP2000 hand-held
periscope over-the corner viewing system enables users to observe
targets without being discovered by the enemy or by the observed

The compact structure and the light weigh of the LHP2000 enables to equip soldiers, special units, law enforcement units, hunters, bird watchers and hikers with a versatile, vital and useful observation device without encumbering his equipment and providing him at the same time with high mobility.

handheld periscopes for military usesU.O.S's LHP2000 is designed and manufactured in two different versions.
hand held persicope for leisure activities

To protect  viewers  from any injury caused by laser beams, the LHP2000M can be equipped with laser protection filter, available for a wide range of wavelengths and protection levels.

LHP2000 is foldable into three different segments, allowing safely carrying and storing it in a small carrying bag. The user retrieves the LHP2000 from the carrying bag, deploys the folded segments and locks each segment with the proper quick locking ring.
The LHP2000 is ready for operation within less than 2 seconds. Special built-in mounts and optional accessories provide the LHP2000 with: night vision equipment and night vision viewers
Don't be a target during observation.
Use the LHP2000
Picattiny Mount Tripod Mount
Folded Position Deployed Position
  picattiny mount for hand held periscope
     tripod mount for hand held periscope military uses hand held periscope handheld periscope

Options and Accessories
Two Picattiny Mounts installed on the top of the LHP2000, provide users with the ability to use additional tactical equipment, such as Searchlight, Laser Rangefinder, Video camera
Tripod mount
Provides easy and stable tripod positioning
uni-scope tripod for civil and military uses
Night Vision Adapter
Provides Night vision viewing capability
Video Camera Adapter
Provides Video viewing and surveillance capability
Laser Protection Filter
30 db @ 1.06 (optional)

Anti-Glare filter


Bags & Belts
  1. Black
  2. Camouflage
  3. Military Green-Olive

bags and belts for handheld periscope


UNISCOPE P/N UNI-LHP-2000-14 System Performance Characteristics
1.2kg. (2.6 Lbs) excluding carrying bag
Carrying bag
250 grams (.5 Lbs) 
Dimensions (folded position)
L=23 cm, W=18 cm, H=6 cm
Dimensions (deployed position)
L=54 cm, W=18 cm, H=6 cm
Field of view
12 degrees
X3 (Three)
Exit Eye-pupil
10 mm
Eye Relief       
28 mm
Focus Range
 m to infinity
>   70%
Field Distortion
< 5%
>15 arc-sec
Storage Temperature
- 30° C to + 70°C
Operational Temperature
- 20° C to + 51°C



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