Category: Vision Blocks

Uni-Scope Optical Systems, Ltd. (U.O.S.) has built up a deep and broad experience in the development and production of laminated vision blocks and armored windows.

U.O.S has the skills, technologies and capability to manufacture and conduct tests associated with the production of prototypes, first articles and standard production of vision blocks and armored windows

U.O.S's vision blocks are manufactured according to MIL-DTL-11352H(AT):

U.O.S can also provide vision blocks and armored windows with filters for laser hazard protection.

General specifications:

Glass conform to ASTM C1036
Photopic transmittance: > than 75%
Resolving power: > 75 seconds
Operating temperature: - 54° C to + 71° C (-65° F to +160° F)

Special Application 2

  Vision Blocks-Special Application 2
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  Vision Blocks-M-48,M-60
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Special Application

  Vision Blocks-Special Application
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Special Application 1

  Vision Blocks-Special Application 1
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