About Uni-Scope Optical Systems Ltd.

Established in 1991, Uni-Scope Optical Systems, Ltd. (U.O.S.) has built up a deep and broad experience in the development, production sales and marketing of glass and acrylic periscopes, light handheld periscopes, laminated armored glass, vision blocks, riflescopes, binoculars, long range observation systems, torch lights, tripods and optical components.

U.O.S’s products are especially designed and manufactured for military & law-enforcement international markets.

U.O.S designs and adapts its technologies, integration skills, market knowledge and battle-proven products to each customer’s individual requirements. U.O.S. provides customers with cost-effective viewing solutions for Main Battle Tanks, APC’s and AFV’s. U.O.S’s customers are able to improve their technological and operational capabilities within limited budgets.


Customized periscopes, adapted to specific equipment and combat environment, can be provided upon request. U.O.S. maintains Quality Control System to meet and exceed ISO 9001-2000, US military, NATO and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) standards.  From day one, technological excellence has been Uni-Scope’s hallmark.  Innovation, dedication and customer satisfaction have put Uni-Scope Optical Systems, Ltd. at the forefront of the industry. 

Numerous satisfied customers worldwide are the best proof of the company’s competence and reliability.