U.O.S.’s periscopes provide enhanced ballistic immunity because of their durability and reliability.


U.O.S’s acrylic periscopes are designed and produced using state of the art proprietary technologies to improve Ultra Violet resistance, temperature stability and to provide users, with a wide range of laser protection levels.


High performance and quality is achieved, using special; acrylic machining, bonding processes and lamination processes.

Acrylic machining:

Development and implementation of special machining process and special designed tooling enable U.O.S. to reach optical grade quality in the manufacturing of acrylic parts.

Bonding process

Special proprietary bonding process using an in house manufactured multiple components bonding material is used to bond acrylic to optical glass mirrors and windows. This advanced molding technology and bonding processes has been developed to increase resistance to clouding (by eliminating the negative effects of UV radiation on the properties of the acrylic optical media) and to ensure the durability and reliability of every product. Over time, the view through the periscopes remains perfectly clear.

Lamination process

Development and implementation of special proprietary lamination processes enable to improve optical performances and to withstand the harshest environmental conditions of acrylic and glass periscopes. U.O.S. uses similar processes, to manufacture vision blocks and ballistic windows.

Requirements Standards

Combat and field proven, U.O.S.’s periscopes are designed to meet or exceed the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), the U.S. MIL-P-46329 and MIL-PRF-62420, Standards.